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is a fine place for a holiday. Over 100 kilometres cycling paths on the island brings you to many lovely places. You may like to be on the white beaches or trolling through the dunes, forest or nature reserves.
A visit to the nature information centre Ecomare is recommended.

Texel is relaxing. The nature of the people too.
We have many good restaurants.

For the more active tourist we have a top golf course or you may like to jump out of an aeroplane. Take a boat ride in Oudeschild or hire a catamaran sailing boat.

Many museums are to visit for the days the sun is behind a cloud.
                                 clouds over Texel
Our accommodation gives you a very spacious, and cosy apartment. Both are fitted with all utensils required.
Fore apartment has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
Aft apartment has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
Both have plenty of garden space and a lockable storage for the bicycles.
Maximum 6 persons per apartment is allowed. No dog or cat is accepted.

Our prices
are as per listed on the Dutch site under "onze prijzen". The prices are inclusive bed linen, but exclusive tourist tax and the cost for cleaning.

If you want to check on availability please click here.
The history of the farm
The great grandfather of the present owner, built from beams out of a vessel this farm in 1903-05. These beams came from a vessel called "Revolving Light". The vessel has been built in Canada - New Brunswick in a place called Harvey.
This full rigged sailing vessel was built in 1875 and after a duty of 27 years at sea it was crushed on the beach during a storm on 18th December 1902. Sufficient beams were bought by Jacob Eelman to built the farm and his son Aris Jan and his wife farmed here for 22 years.

The vessel was owned by a Norwegian called Rasmussen and information about the vessel can be found in the Haugesund Maritime Museum (Norway).
The Canadian (CBC) television became interested and made a film which has been transmitted a few times in Canada.

A lady called Mary Majka preserved the last bit of quay at Harvey and she also came to visit the farm. She and her organisation have set up a Shipyard Heritage Park with a model of the Revolving Light at Harvey. Descendants of the owner of the yard - Turner - and the farm owner were present during the opening ceremony in August 2006. It was during this ceremony that a piece of wood - ex Revolving Light  - was 
brought back to Canada which is now on display at Harvey.

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